Readme 1st
This site is designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer 7.x and higher. Other browsers and browser versions are not supported. In order to print work order and daily sort reports on this system, you will need to install an active-x utility. The link to this utility is here: Choose the open option when prompted after clicking the link and run the setup file contained within the zip file. This active-x utility assumes you have Adobe Acrobat Standard installed on your system. You will also need to add this site into your trusted sites list under your Internet Options within Internet Explorer. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: You will need to customize your Active-x settings for trusted sites. Make sure you do this for trusted sites and NOT for the Internet Zone. Making these changes to the Internet zone would leave your system vulnerable to malicious software. Click on "custom level" at the bottom of the trusted zones dialogue. Scroll down until you see "Active-x controls and plugins". You will need to check the following settings: "Download unsigned Active-x Controls" should be set to "prompt" "Initialize and script Active-x controls not marked as safe for scripting" should be set to "enable" "Automatic Prompting for Active-x Controls" shoudl be set to "enable"

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